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I shall never grow up

Make believe is much too fun

12/23/10 12:11 am

It's weird being in Scituate. I don't know what to do with myself. I haven't left my house except to go to work. Well, tonight I went to the mall after work. And it sucked. And I went by myself. Ehhh whatever. It's gonna be a long month. Excited for Christmas. More excited for Sunday.

12/7/10 04:59 pm - Such is...


10/17/10 11:24 am - CAN GHOSTS KILL YOU? NO!

I write entire sections of newspapers. About important stuff like ghosts and jack o lanterns. NO BIG DEAL.
So tired.
Things are good though. I am just procrastinating right now. I have one review left to do. About Valencia. I love Valencia.

Film Festival
Pagan Living
This is my life.

Happy and hopeful otherwise.

9/23/10 04:08 pm

Terrible, horrible night last night. It all worked out. I'm still pissed but whatever. Just whatever. I read my review of "The Town" out loud and everyone was supposed to critique it but no one said anything bad about it. It made me feel good. And then the next girl went and people had a lot of bad things to say.

My article is on the front page of the Torch. Above the fold! That was my goal for this year. I am so psyched about it. It's not online right now but it will be soon. I love The Torch. I don't even bother coming home all day, I just go to the office. There is always someone there and everyone is a decent person. I'll come home from school in the best mood and then just end up going to bed pissed off. Like yesterday. But whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

Going to taste wine tonight. So excited. I will probably be quite tipsy since all I ate today was a cliff bar. Not that that's a good thing. Nothing seemed appealing today and I was running around.

9/16/10 05:21 pm - musicmusingsvialj

I love being excited about something I write even if it is only a first draft and entirely inconsequential:

While the MTV Video Music Awards may be the most all encompassing, mainstream music awards show. However, a lot of the time, good music videos go unnoticed. MTV can do whatever they want, it’s their television network, their money, their viewership. But there are music videos that go outside of MTV’s walls. Even though they are the self-proclaimed “Music Television” channel, a lot of the time they forget about music beyond Lady Gaga and Eminem.

                However, in years past MTV has been doing a good job of acknowledging lesser known, less accessible artists. For instance, at this year’s VMAs, Florence and the Machine, Muse, and the Black Keys all took home awards. Those are artists you might not see on MTV or hear on Fun 107 everyday. Those are the kind of artists you have to dig a while for.

                But there are more worthwhile artists just like the aforementioned, some of them make great, groundbreaking music videos, some are just fun, and some are downright terrible. With the VMAS still a somewhat relevant topic of conversation, why not take this time to check out a few of the music videos, by lesser known artists, that went unacknowledged at this year’s ceremony?

                OK Go is a band that has definitely gained some notoriety as of late. They caused quite a buzz in 2006 when they released their video for “Here It Goes Again.” The band appears performing a dance sequence entirely on treadmills. It was a must-see video that quickly became an internet or rather, a pop culture phenomenon.

                Well, this year, OK GO did it again with their latest music video “This Too Shall Pass.” And yet somehow, this extremely inventive and indescribable video went without nomination. The homemade quality of “This Too Shall Pass” hardly takes away from the video’s innate genus. It might not be as polished as Eminem’s “Not Afraid,” but it’s a lot more creative.

                Indie darlings, Vampire Weekend also went overlooked. The band put forth a quirky, almost bizarre video for their manic single, “Cousins.” The video features the band members in an alleyway, riding a track as they play their instruments. Really, though, this description does the video no justice- there is a lot more to it than that. Again, MTV failed to recognize an interesting and intriguing video even though Vampire Weekend is right on the brink of the mainstream.

                Another video, even less likely to have fallen under the VMA’s scope is fun.’s video for “Walking the Dog.” Like OK Go and Vampire Weekend, fun. made a no budget video go a long way. Each band was able to take what are very simple concepts and turn them into very grabbing music videos. In fun.’s video, the band uses neon colors, shadows, projection screens and just straight up dancing to make a very, well, fun video. While it is not entirely groundbreaking, it isn’t something you have seen before either. The band’s previous video for “All the Pretty Girls” is also worth checking out.

                The Gaslight Anthem’s “American Slang” could also have been a contender for a VMA. The video cinematically and romantically portrays New York City in black and white. It probably could not have competed with Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” but it offers a different, simpler perspective on the city that never sleeps.

                Some other videos that are not so serious yet still worth a watch include, She & Him’s “In the Sun” which features Zooey Deschanel nearly mocking Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” and Motion City Soundtrack’s “Her Words Destroyed My Planet.” This video portrays the band wreaking havoc on a grade school science fair; nothing of grandiose music video lore but entertaining nonetheless.

                MTV surely has a large team of people only assigned to watching music videos, so it is unclear as to how they missed the few named above. And don’t forget that this is just a very small glimpse at the music videos released in 2010 and overlooked by the VMAs. Next year, MTV better be a bit more careful as they draw up the nominations.

9/8/10 02:40 pm

Well I haven't written in this since June and I am kind of bored/procrastinating right now. I've only been at school for a week now and I am already kind of sick of it. And I've already made a fool of myself but it can only get better from here, right? It's really hard and stressful to be the A&E editor for The Torch. Especially when The Torch is basically a joke. Also, it sucks to live in a house with four of your best friends when they all have boyfriends. I just don't like it. It's no fun.

But anyways, me and Colleen went to Wasabi and got Wasabi Passions and they were sooo good. It came with free sushi. That was also surprisingly good. Then the Chinese man asked if we were okay to drive or something.

I have to go to the "Corsair Fair" and harass freshmen to join the Torch. Maybe then someone will write for my section. Probably not. News is so boring I don't know why all of the writers write for News. A&E is so much better. Like so much.

Also, I participated soo much in my Journalism class. I never participate. It was good though. I even participated in my Writing Reviews class. I love all of my classes except for Language and Culture because it is just shitty shitty shitty. But I like Writing About Popular Culture, I think it will be my fav.

6/13/10 08:12 pm


Pretty sure she is going to die. Its a weird feeling.

1/21/10 12:05 am

I've spent this month catching up on all my heartbreak.

1/14/10 01:54 pm

Haircut. New glasses. Restart. Can't wait.

12/30/09 10:05 pm

depressed out of my fucking skull. need to get the fuck out of here. this place, these people are poison.
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